As a key player in third-party maintenance, we strive to apply a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach to everything we do. This means that we must act responsibly to ensure a positive impact on the world and to limit the impact of our actions. It is with this in mind that we work together with our colleagues, partners and clients to control our environmental footprint and propose tailored solutions that respect the planet.

Our obligation focuses on three main areas:

  1. An environmental area, through business line expertise

With more than 40 years’ experience in the field, we know about the environmental impact of a data center. Jiliti works in 2 areas of green IT:

• increasing the life cycle of our clients’ IT equipment through regular and innovative maintenance helping to eliminate failures which could result in over-consumption of energy,

• the refurbishment of equipment thus guaranteeing the quality and reliability of IT assets in the long term.

These actions enable our clients to optimize their consumption of raw materials. The recycling of parts that cannot be repaired is behind a second life given to raw materials from IT equipment belonging to our clients through a partnership with multiple specialist companies.


To meet the expectations of our clients and provide them with a quality service, a procedure is underway to obtain ISO 9001 certification by the end of the year. We are also working on obtaining the ISO 14001 certification.

We are also undertaking an awareness-raising campaign among our employees regarding day-to-day environmental impact, by communicating about issues associated with printing, waste sorting (batteries, plastic, IT equipment and electronic equipment, etc.) and lighting, and by making them aware of saving water, electricity and paper. We collect and recycle ink cartridges, cells and batteries and electronic equipment.

A social area by paying particular attention to each of our colleagues

At Jiliti, we know our success is undeniably thanks to our colleagues and the strong bonds that each of them forges with our clients and partners.

Alongside our colleagues, we strive every day to offer them a pleasant, healthy work environment in which they can thrive and give their best. With a customized career path, every employee knows their duties and their targets. Throughout their career, they will have the ability to undergo training, take certifications and receive regular updates regarding technological innovations and developments to improve their knowledge and thus meet our obligations to our clients. In the male-dominated field of third-party IT maintenance, Jiliti is committed to promoting gender equality.

A corporate social responsibility area through our activities within associations

Currently independent, Jiliti teams will be identifying desired areas of intervention over the next few months and the parties that can support us within them.