Hardware support

Take advantage of our multi-technology expertise

Our teams of experts provide server, storage, backup and network hardware maintenance services, operated in compliance with the specifications of the various manufacturers we work with: HP, DELL/EMC, CISCO, BROCADE, ARUBA, IBM, FUJITSU, STORAGETEC, QUANTUM, SPECTRALOGIC, etc.

Our services are available in the form of different packages to meet your specific requirements:

IT Maintenance Under Warranty: as an alternative to or in combination with the extended warranty offered by the manufacturer when the equipment was purchased.

IT Maintenance Not Under Warranty: after the initial warranty taken out with the manufacturer or third party.

Durability IT Maintenance: after 10 years of usage, including for specific or industrial equipment, implementation of dedicated resources.

Being independent, we maintain your IT infrastructures after the end of support has been announced by the manufacturers.

Marques partenaires

The Jiliti benefits


Rely on our industrial organization, our central logistics and our 29 French offices to provide you with the best solution to meet even your most stringent requirements.


Simplify the management of your multiple maintenance agreements and equip yourself with global decision-making tools.


Take advantage of our independence and our advice to get the best possible economic balance while taking into account your production challenges and control the life cycles of your infrastructures.


As the TPM (Third Party Maintenance) leader in Europe, Jiliti cover these types of IT equipment:
• Server
• Storage SAN/NAS
• Active network element
• Backup library
• Industrial workstation

Since 40 years, Jiliti cover the majority of IT equipment’s technologies of the market: HP, DELL/EMC, IBM, Lenovo, Netapp, Hitachi, Oracle, Brocade, Huawei, Quantum, Storagetec, Fujitsu, etc.

This is generally a hardware offer, firmware can be made available as part of the contract if it is required after a joint study of your IT infrastructure.

Yes, Jiliti has two major logistics centers in the region Ile-de-France, which are supported by our 29 operational agencies in order to intervene anywhere in compliance with contractual SLA (Service Level Agreement) commitments.

As soon as a device is part of your IT infrastructure and is notified to us, it will automatically benefit from our services.

Yes, the replaced parts are strictly identical and have the same reference (Part-Number, Manufacturer) as the defective parts replaced.

We can support your equipment beyond the manufacturer’s end of support date, without any restriction through our own resources.
Beyond 10 years from the date of purchase, we offer a “sustainability” approach based on an analysis and dedicated resources. This ecological approach also makes it possible to improve the infrastructures’ ownership cost and to better understand the application migrations related to these platforms.

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